May 28-29, 2019 : University College London
Made possible by the UCL- French Embassy Arts, Humanities and Social Science Workshop Fund
May 28-29, 2019

Day 1: Gordon House Room 106, 29 Gordon Sq, London

Day 2: Lankester LT, Medawar Building, Gower St, London

A UCL-IJN Interdisciplinary Workshop


Understanding the way that humans experience space requires a coordinated effort from a broad variety of disciplines. This workshop brings together researchers in philosophy, architecture, urban health science, psychology and neuroscience from UCL and from Institut Jean Nicod (ENS, EHESS, CNRS) to tackle together this multifaceted question.

Organized by Pablo Fernandez Velasco (IJN, UCL).




Gordon House Room 106, 29 Gordon Sq, London

11:00 // Coffee and breakfast

11:30 // Patrick Haggard (UCL) — Travel-based space

12:30 // Lunch

13:30 // Tony Cheng (UCL) — Tactile Field: Philosophical challenges and empirical vindications

14:35 // Roberto Casati (IJN) — The ecological structure of visual landmarks

15:35 // Coffee break

15:50 // Giandomenico Iannetti (UCL) — Spatial modulation of action relevance

16:55 // Samaneh Yasaei (IJN) — On the relation between temporal and spatial properties in time-lapse


Lankester LT, Medawar Building, Gower St, London

10:00 // Coffee and breakfast

10:30 // Jérôme Dôkic (IJN) — Is the feeling of presence a spatial experience?

11:35 // Aarathi Prasad (UCL) — (in)Defensible Spaces 

12:35 // Lunch

13:35 // Valeria Giardino (AHP, IJN) — Space and action to reason: from gestures to mathematics

14:40// Fiona Zisch (UCL) — An Allocentric View

15:40// Coffee break

15:55 // Hugo Spiers (UCL) — Real-world navigation and emotional experience



For other questions and comments email p.fernandezvelasco@gmail.com

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